Frequently Asked Paintball and Airsoft Questions

Paintball & Airsoft FAQ

There are many factors that determine the answer. Are you playing paintball with our regular paintball equipment that is best suited for teens and adults or are you in a private party using our kid friendly low-impact & low-velocity equipment?  Are you playing airsoft?  Are you wearing long pants and long sleeved shirt/jacket or are you wearing shorts and a t-shirt?  What is the distance between you and your opponent shooting the paintball or airsoft BB.

As you can tell, there are many factors that go into answering the question.  However, the short answer is yes, you will feel the impact when the paintball or airsoft BB hits you.  Regular paintballs typically feel like a thump to a sting (similar to being popped with a towel).  Low-impact, low-velocity paintballs (our kid friendly equipment used in kids private parties) is significantly less impact, in fact, it is about 1/3 of the impact.  Airsoft BBs are much smaller than paintballs but it will still feel like a little thump to a sting if hit on exposed skin.    Also, many people really into the game say the feeling of the hit is less than if you are just standing there and not really engaged in the game. It also greatly depends on if you get hit on an exposed or covered part of your skin.

We highly recommend wearing clothing that covers most of your exposed areas. Keep in mind that it generally feels like a thump, pinch or a sharp stinging sensation depending on how you are dressed, the equipment you are using and the distance between you and your opponent.

The amount of games you will play is largely determined by how long you are at the park, if you are playing in a private event or our general admission group, or if you are playing in all games as they are scheduled.

Our general admission price includes all day play and all day air fills.  If you want to start early and leave early, that’s fine.  Want to start late and just get a few hours in? That’s ok.  Want to come play all day? Fantastic – you are welcome to do so.

Yes, spectators are allowed to watch games as long as they are in the approved spectator areas. Young children must be supervised by an adult or guardian.

We recommend that you wear older and looser fitting clothing. You should also wear sturdy protective footwear because you’ll be playing on grassy and in wooded areas. Paintball and airsoft at our Houston park is an outdoor activity, so please bring suitable clothing for the weather on that day.

On average, players tend to use around 500-paintballs in a two-hour session. Keep in mind this is an average of all players at the park. Some players can buy a bag of 500-paintballs and have some left over when they are finished playing, while other players will shoot more than a bag of 500-paintballs.

Paintball is an outdoor event and designed to be played in most weather conditions. Should the weather be very bad, then game play may be postponed until the very bad weather clears  out of the area.

Airsoft can may also be played in rain. However, if using electronic weapons it is not recommended they be used in the rain. If renting our electronic rifles, they must not be used in the rain.

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