Paintball Rules

At 5J Extreme Sports Paintball & Airsoft Park, we promote a safe, clean, fun and family oriented environment.

Please help us to maintain this environment by abiding by our rules.


1. Waivers must be completed before you play.  Online waivers should be completed before you arrive at the park.

2. The minimum age to play paintball at our park is 8 years old, unless noted otherwise.  However, spectators of all ages are welcome.

3. Group leaders register all party members and pay for the group at the same time.  Completed waivers are also verified at this time.

4. Players must check-out when finished playing if using any of our gear.


5. 5J Extreme Sports is a field-paint-only park.  No outside paintballs are allowed.

6. No refunds on paint purchases.


7. You must receive an orientation before you play.

8. ALWAYS put your goggles on BEFORE entering the playing field and target range.

9. ALWAYS put on your goggles BEFORE entering a “Goggles ON” area.

10. NEVER remove your goggles once inside the netting or within a “Goggles ON” area.

11. Approved goggles must ON at ALL times while in the target range or on the playing field.

12. ALWAYS keep your barrel sock on your marker unless you are on the playing field and are instructed to remove it by a referee.

13. Barrel Sock ON and Safety ON when not playing.

14. Barrel Socks are the ONLY approved barrel blocking device; no barrel plugs, removing the barrel, or other means is permitted.

15. No firing of markers in the staging area, period.

16. No firing of markers in the parking lot.

17. No blind firing.  You must see your target to shoot your marker when on the playing field.

18. No firing of markers on the field PRIOR to start or AFTER the game is over.

19. All personal markers must be Chronographed to 280 FPS or less.

20. Semi-auto is the only allowed mode on the marker at this park for recreational paintball. No ramping, burst, full auto, or any mode that allows the marker to shoot more than 1 ball down the barrel per trigger pull AND release for recreational paintball.

21. Referees calls are FINAL and inarguable.

22. Do NOT enter the playing field unless accompanied by a referee.

23. You are liable for your equipment and personal belongings, not us.  Please keep them stored safely and securely and not laying around.

24. No unauthorized equipment or potentially dangerous gear is allowed.  All firearms, knives, etc. are prohibited.  5J Extreme Sports reserves the right to approve all equipment used on the premises.

25. Modifications are prohibited.  Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises.

26. Do NOT touch, stand, or lean on the netting.  Spectators must stand at least 6′ from the netting.

27. Report any infractions of these rules immediately to a referee or staff member.


28. No physical contact, arguing, profanity, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

29. Do NOT shoot the referees.

30. Do NOT climb on or over any bunkers or obstacles.

31. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


32. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be ejected from the premises.

33. NO smoking, smokeless tobacco or vapor products allowed except in the parking lot.  This is strictly enforced.

34. Anyone stealing or vandalizing anything at the park or anything belonging to 5J Extreme Sports or another customer, will be prosecuted and permanently banned from the park.

35. Before leaving the premises with your marker, remove the air source from the marker, remove paint and secure it in a bag.


36. Disregard for any of the above rules may result in removal from the premises without refund.

37. Always be SAFE and have FUN.

38. Read and follow all the directions of all signs posted regarding all instructional and safety issues